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- P E R S O N A L -

- M A R L O E S  S C H I P P E R - is a passionate freelance illustrator who works from her own studio in Amsterdam. In early 2002 she graduated as a fashion illustrator at the art academy St Joost and then worked for various publishers, including Sanoma publishers. She knows how to handle briefings and deadlines, and she has the ability to book results in a reasonably short period of time.

Her illustrations are hand drawn and then edited in Photoshop, so delivering digital illustrations is self-evident. Within her work, powerful, self-conscious women are central at the same time demonstrating their vulnerability.The illustrations have a strong relationship with the fashion world and with the nonstandard woman. Nevertheless, Marloes wants to reach a wide audience with challenging, stimulating images. She also makes free works and exhibits in the Nederlands as out there.


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